• History and Expertise
    Marc Gordon, Richard Bolchover and their colleagues at Nimrod Capital have been involved in the investment industry since the mid-eighties.
    For the last 20 years they have specialised in the investment fund, investment company and collective investment scheme arena.

    Close Fund Management, established by Marc and Richard in 1995 with the venture capital backing of Close Brothers Group plc, became a very successful investment trust and unit trust fund management and distribution operation.

    Over the 12 years of the company’s existence it launched many quoted investment companies as well as a number of unit trusts and OEICS.  Most of these were internally managed but some were managed by third parties.
    These included two exclusive joint ventures with hedge fund managers, Man Group and BlueCrest Capital.  In both cases the business was responsible for launching the biggest IPOs on the London market at that time in their sector.

    The team also pioneered the introduction of protected unit trusts and created the first defined risk and return products to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

    The success of these characteristics is further complemented by the fact that the team have been, for many years, professional fund managers.  This has allowed them to communicate with Boards, managers and shareholders from a very particular perspective. Since April 2008 Nimrod Capital has advised and raised money for ten listed investment companies:

    •     Crystal Amber Fund
    •     Altus Resource Capital Fund
    •     Damille Investments Limited
    •     Doric Nimrod Air One Limited
    •     Doric Nimrod Air Two Limited
    •     Nimrod Sea Assets Limited
    •     Damille Investments II Limited
    •     Doric Nimrod Air Three Limited
    •     Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited