• by  • September 14, 2020 • Crystal Amber

    (“Crystal Amber Fund” or the “Fund”)

    Monthly Net Asset Value

    Crystal Amber Fund announces that its unaudited net asset value (“NAV”) per share at 31 August 2020 was 117.90 pence (31 July 2020: 112.56 pence per share). 

    The proportion of the Fund’s NAV at 31 August 2020 represented by the ten largest shareholdings, other investments and cash (including accruals), was as follows:

    Ten largest shareholdingsPence per sharePercentage of investee equity held
    **De La Rue plc  48.315.5%
    **Allied Minds plc24.521.8%
    Equals Group plc12.321.9%
    **Redde Northgate plc8.51.7%
    Hurricane Energy plc6.86.9%
    *GI Dynamics Inc.4.5*
    *Board Intelligence Ltd3.2*
    **Camellia plc2.31.1%
    Sutton Harbour Group plc2.110.8%
    **Kenmare Resources plc1.60.6%
    Total of ten largest shareholdings114.1 
    Other investments 4.8 
    Loan Facility-4.8 
    Cash and accruals 3.8 
    Total NAV117.9 

    *Board Intelligence Ltd and GI Dynamics Inc. are private companies and their shares are not listed on a stock exchange. Therefore, the percentage held is not disclosed.

    **These stocks are held or part held on Contract for Difference.

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